Collioure La Pinède

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Technical data

Pinède‘s identity is based on black grenache : round, fruit-driven and generous.

Varieties : 65% Black grenache, 30% Mourvèdre, 5% Carignan.

Yield : 35 to 40 hectolitres / hectare

Vinification & ageing : Picked at good maturity, grapes are cooled and destemmed. A controlled temperature during maceration time allows the fine aromas extraction. The body is reached by a
5 weeks maceration. Then a short ageing in tank ends the process.

Alcohol content : 14.5%

Number of bottles produced : 10 000

The vineyard

The côte Vermeille’s soil is made of schist rock with a thick soil layer. In this mediterranean climate, the vine has to develop some powerful roots to extract water and nutrients it needs. With only 5000 to 6000 stocks/hectare, the exposition to the sun and Tramontane, the vine produces healthy and concentrated fruits. The vineyard is organized by low dry-stone walls that draw terraces and gave the traditional architecture. Terraces and steep hills make impossible any mechanization and requires to work exclusively by hand.

Tasting & food pairing

Thanks to the black grenache, the nose is fruity with small fresh berries hints ; and concentrated. The round mouth offers silky tannins and can be appreciated young.

La Pinède will be ideal to go with white or red meats and even fishes. As an aperitif, it should be served around 16°c.

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