Mémoire d’Automnes

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This is an elaborate wine made from late harvested Grenache Gris and Grenache Blanc. After a long and slow fermentation, the wine is left to oxidation in oak casks. We obtain a dry wine (with no residual sugar) that is then left to itself (‘en élevage d’abandon’) for at least 4 years.

It is this managed oxidation over several years that goes to drive the wine towards its particular style and which reminds some wines of Jerez (Sherry wines).

This very rich and typical wine, can be drunk on its own or at the beginning and end of a meal. Truly a ‘wine of conversation’.

Rare wines

Our foothills of unique Mediterranean schists enhance the flavour of the noble Grenache grape, so well-suited to drought and extreme climatic conditions like the powerful Tramontana wind and heavy torrential rains, as well as arid soils.

Grenache enables us to produce a full range of wines, in every colour, both dry and sweet, the ultimate being our Rancio sec ‘dry Rancio’ inherited from our Catalan know-how, a challenge to modern oenological technology.

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