Collioure Magnum

Technical data


Varieties : Syrah (50%) – Grenache Noir (50%)

Yield : 35 hectolitres / hectare

Density of Planting : 5000 to 6000 plants per hectare

Graft : majority being Richter 110

Date of Harvest : Between 1st and mid-September. The Grenache are first to be harvested.

Vinification : Traditional vinification is used with the harvested grapes being de-stalked, half-crushed & a long maceration of 3 weeks. The temperature is controlled for fermentation, with traditional method of crushing with bare feet (pigeages) & regular pumping out & refilling of the vats (remontage) to accentuate maximum maceration, provide body to the wine and produce the best possible colour. We use only the fresher first pressings and use little or no filtration.

Elevage : This wine is matured in stainless steel and concrete vats and put into bottle 16 months following the harvest. Annual Production : 8,500 bottles

The vineyard

With their roots barely covered, our vines grow out of virtual schistous bedrock on steeply sloping hills that form the last range of the Pyrenees mountains as they plunge into the Mediterranean about 10km from the Spanish frontier. Because of these steep slopes, mechanised farming methods are far from possible but these slopes are striated by an ancient unique architectural pattern of low dry-stone walls. Apart from the fascinating pattern these hand-made walls produce across the hillside, they have vital functions in defining the terraces, keeping the vines in place and preventing erosion.


Tasting & characteristings

We advise this Collioure to be opened and permitted to breathe before drinking and if possible served from a decanter at around 18’C. ‘Puig Oriol’ is a velvety tannic wine, rich in spice and grilled or roasted aromas and possesses a fine aromatic density. Having very much to reveal, it is best to wait three years before drinking this wine. It is very pleasant with all cooked meats and goes well with small game accompanied by cèpes (porcinis) and other mushrooms.