Rancio Sec “Cap de Creus”

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A direct legacy of our ancestors, this wine is more like a statement of identity than a product of viticulture and winemaking. In the past, none of the dry wines we know today were made. People would put aside some of the grapes designed for the sweet wines, with usually over 15% natural alcohol potential, and made this “dry” wine for their personal consumption. At long last the wines would complete their fermentation with almost the same high levels of alcohol, and the result would be this amusing –amazing ?- wine we are still making today. It is one of a kind. After several years of aging in old oak barrels, it acquires its distinctive Rancio notes. Although it is often compared to Fino de Jeréz, our Rancio has more rusticity to it. It deserves to survive the current harmonization of regulations on winemaking and viticulture.

This Rancio Sec is made from a mixture of Grenaches and Carignan grapes picked at a late stage and then vinified partly by ‘maceration’ and partly by direct pressing. It is gravity fed into bottles without fining or filtration.

Rare wines

Our unique terrain of Mediterranean schistes gives to the King of Grape Varieties, the ‘Grenache’, one of the greatest and most amazing expressions from a vine by its adaptation to the dryness, to the extreme climatic conditions, (violent Tramontane, torrential rains) and to the arid soil.

It permits us to elaborate a wide spectrum of wines from dry to sweet to ‘rancio sec’ and seems to defy actual oenology; this trust in our Grenache is inherent in our Catalan Savoir-Faire.

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