Rancio Sec “Cap de Creus”

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Cap de Creus

Varieties : Black Grenache 90% and Carignan 10%

Vinification & ageing :This red high-alcohol wine is fully fermented (it no longer contains any sugar) and is then stored in half-filled barrels that induce oxidation. The last step after many years of ageing in barrels takes place in a ‘foudre’ (big oak barrel), which is only half-full.
This foudre is a ‘perpetual barrel’ : only the few wine removed during the year for bottling is replaced from another barrel. It acquires ‘rancio character’, definable in particular by walnuts aromas.

Cap de Creus is the ‘Cap Horn in the Mediterranean’, an edge-of-the-world landscape with massive rocks pounded by huge waves created by the strong Tramontane wind. This wine represents the best of this intense relationship between our Cap de Creus and its culture.

Food pairing : Appreciated on its own before as much as after a meal but can also be used to cook sauces, poultry or grilled-fish.

Rare wines

The rugged terrain of the Côte Vermeille is schistous rock covered by a thick layer of soil In this Mediterranean climate, the vine must develop a powerful root system to extract the water and nutrients it needs. With a very low yield only (around 5000 stocks/hectare), the exposure to the sun and Tramontane, the grapes are healthy and concentrated.

In Catalonia, dry rancio wine is as much an identity claim as a wine-making product. This wine is a real mark of the Heritage of Catalan gastronomy, culture and way of life. Some people are really “rancio lovers” because of its special taste and history.

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