Vin de Pays (VDP) “Sur la Route” (“On the road”)

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Technical data

Sur la Route is the little brother of our red Collioure, made partly with the grapes from the young plots.

Varieties : Black grenache (70%), Mourvèdre, Syrah and Carignan

Vinification & ageing : The winemaking way is traditional : after picking the grapes are cooled and then destemmed, and crushed to macerate for 2 or 3 weeks. During fermentation, operations like pumping over are achieved to extract the components from the skin and get body and colour while fermentation turns natural sugar into alcohol. Ageing is very short and takes place in tanks.

Annual Production : 1600 bottles

The vineyard

The rugged terrain of the Côte Vermeille is schistous rock covered by a thick layer of soil In this Mediterranean climate, the vine must develop a powerful root system to extract the water and nutrients it needs. With a very low yield only (around 5000 stocks/hectare), the exposure to the sun and Tramontane, the grapes are healthy and concentrated.

The layout of the vineyard hanging from the steep slopes is dominated by low dry-stone walls that draw horizontal terraces in the landscape, giving the traditional architecture seen. The steepness make any mechanization impossible and work must be exclusively by hand.

Tasting & food pairing

Sur la Route is very round, pleasant and fruit-driven.
It will accompany lots of meals, such as roasted meats, vegetables on the barbecue and soft cheeses. It will also be easy to drink as aperitif.

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