Banyuls Reserva

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Technical data

Grape-varieties :  80% Black grenache, 15% Grey grenache, 5% Carignan.

Vinification : Traditionally in the vineyard of Banyuls, black, grey and white grenache are co-planted in the plots and are harvested together so the wine is a blend. Reserva is made today by the same way than centuries ago. Besides the mutage that remains the natural sugar level we want and stabilize the wine; the ageing process is the most important factor.

Ageing : What makes the particularity of this wine is a long oxidative ageing realized for a third of the cuvée in big glass-jugs. After 15 months it goes back with the rest of the cuvée in oak barrels for several years. The contact between air and wine brings the ageing flavors of coffee, nuts, prunes…

Alcohol content : 16,5%

Origins of Banyuls

The côte Vermeille’s soil is made of schist rock with a thick soil layer. In this mediterranean climate, the vine has to develop some powerful roots to extract water and nutrients it needs. With only 5000 to 6000 stocks/hectare, the exposition to the sun and Tramontane, the vine produces healthy and concentrated fruits. The vineyard is organized by low dry-stone walls that draw terraces and gave the traditional architecture. Terraces and steep hills make impossible any mechanization and requires to work exclusively by hand.

Tasting & food pairing

The nose is mostly made of sweet aromas like caramel, dried apricots and prunes reached during the oxidative ageing and represent the first ‘rancio flavors’ that we get with patience. The mouth is silky and generous.

Before people had easily some sugar to cook desserts, Banyuls was the sugar source for the end of the meal, drunk with fruits and dried nuts. Reserva is traditionally married with catalan desserts, because it goes very well with almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, honey or gingerbread but also chocolate. You will otherwise enjoy it before and after the meal.

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