Banyuls dessert wine ‘Vin de Méditation’

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The history of ‘Vin Doux’ wines is intimately linked to the passionate warmth of the Mediterranean. A very long ageing in barrels and forgotten for a few decades can carry a particular characteristic called ‘Rancio’. This process produces subtle marriages of aromas of dry fruits, of wax, nuts and of moka coffee with a body of dazzling richness.
BUT, only time decides!

This ‘Banyuls’ originates in 1952 and has been matured by ‘Solera’ method, when the old wine ‘educates’ the younger wine with which it is confined.
This rare wine we call “Vin de Méditation” in homage to our grandparents, who knew how to create wines in perfect harmony with their cultural heritage, no wonder why these wines frequently find themselves far from ‘modern’ oenology.

This ‘Vin de Méditation’ is made from old Grenache and Carignan vines and is conserved in oak casks for the course of its life. It should be enjoyed as a drink by itself at about 18’C in good company, by the fire, with a cigar …

Rare wines

Our unique terrain of Mediterranean schistes gives to our King of Grape Varieties, the ‘Grenache’, one of the greatest and most amazing expressions from a vine by its adaptation to the drought, to the extreme climatic conditions, (violent Tramontane, torrential rains) and to the arid soil.
It permits us to elaborate a wide spectrum of wines from dry to sweet to rancio sec and seems to defy actual oenology; this trust in our Grenache is inherent in our Catalan Savoir-Faire.

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