Collioure Puig Ambeille

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Technical data

Varieties : 60% Mourvèdre, 40% Black Grenache

Vinification & ageing : Traditional vinification is carried out with the grapes destemmed and half-crushed before a long maceration of 5 weeks. The temperature is controlled for fermentation, with traditional method of extraction by pumping over and delestage. A small part of this cuvée is aged in a oak barrel called “demi-muids” for around 8 months.

Alcohol content : 15%

Yield : 30 to 35 hectolitres / hectare

Number of bottles produced : 4000

The vineyard

The rugged terrain of the Côte Vermeille is schistous rock covered by a thick layer of soil In this Mediterranean climate, the vine must develop a powerful root system to extract the water and nutrients it needs. With a very low yield only (around 5000 stocks/hectare), the exposure to the sun and Tramontane, the grapes are healthy and concentrated.

The layout of the vineyard hanging from the steep slopes is dominated by low dry-stone walls that draw horizontal terraces in the landscape, giving the traditional architecture seen. The steepness make any mechanization impossible and work must be exclusively by hand.

Tasting & food pairing

Puig Ambeille is a wine rich in blackberry aromas and spices. In the mouth, it has a powerful structure which hides silky tannins. One can award to this wine the accolade of being perfect with red or rare-cooked meats such as Pyrenean veal or Catalan lamb.

This Collioure should be opened and permitted to breathe before drinking and if possible served at around 18’C.

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